Monday, February 8, 2010

Glitter Photo Valentine How-to

Ever since preschool, Valentines day has been one of my favorite holidays of the year.  Mountains of candy aside, I have always loved making valentines foe my friends.  It's a great excuse to break out the glitter, and it's fun to tell your friends just how special they are.

This year, since my friends and I are scattered across the country at various colleges, all valentines will be received in the mail (which is almost more fun than in person).  The only caveat is that there won't be any homemade v-day cupcakes this year.

For this valentine, all you will need is:
Photo paper
Liquid Glue
and Glitter

First, select the photo you want to use, and print it onto a 4x6" piece of photo paper.  For each of my friends I chose my favorite picture of the two of us.  For this example, I chose a fabulous picture of my friends together.

Next, write your message on the back.

Then, write some sweet, cheesy or romantic phrase on the front with marker.  Metallic sharpies are awesome for this.  I highly recommend investing in one.

Finally, go to town with the glitter.  I like tracing shapes or jewelry with the glue, and also filling in negative spaces.  Just be careful to only glue what you want in the same color.  It's VERY hard to direct the stuff.  Doing it one color at a time is the easiest possible way to do it.

Next, mail to your friend, and let them be amazed.

Happy Valentines day!

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