Tuesday, January 19, 2010

5 Minute Art Gallery

Today, I finally got around to taking down my 2009 calender, and putting up my groovy 2010 calender.  My new calender is all about one of my favorite subjects: mustaches.  It's the "Sex Confident" mustache calender, and I ordered it from themoustachecalendar.com.  As much as I love new calenders, It makes me sad to see the old ones go in the trash.  I had a beautiful Nikki McClure calender, and it seemed wasteful to throw out all of her incredible paper cut art.  So, instead of tossing it, I ripped out all of the pages, cut around the images and words, taped them to the wall, and voila!  A mini art collection.  The images fit in perfectly into our room.  We put some above my bed, some above my roommate's desk, and some on the front of the high up cabinets above our closets.

In my opinion, re-using the art from old calenders is a great way to recycle, and put great cheap art on the walls- you can even customize it to the season.  Especially in a dorm or a rental apartment, where it's against the rules to drill into the walls and hang things, it's fun to just cover the walls with posters and photos.  My closet door features a photo collage of some of my favorite pictures, and it makes me happy whenever I see it.

In my room I also have some screen printed concert posters (which make a way better concert souvenir than a band t shirt):

As well as two Steve Keene paintings (and my Frida doll of course).

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