Saturday, January 30, 2010

Can you have a snow day in college?

For the second time this season, the East coast is being faced with copious amounts of snow.  So far, we have accumulated over 6", and I don't think it is stopping anytime soon.  

Although I am pretty tired of the cold, a snowstorm is the perfect knitting weather.  Yesterday, I made up a pattern for a little cotton washcloth with a heart in the middle.  It only took about an hour to knit up, so I plan on churning a lot of them out this afternoon.  I am hoping I can find an organization to give them to so that they will go to the earthquake victims in Haiti.  It's not a huge donation, but since I don't have much money, it's what I'm able to do.  I'll post the pattern later today once I get it written up, and I'll also try and figure out exactly where to send them.  I want to encourage everybody to do just a little something, no matter how small to help haiti.  Even just sending one dollar, or one bar of soap can really make a difference in someone's life.

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